About College of Science

The College of Science is a young college as it established in 2002, it is one of the oldest and largest colleges at Muthanna University comprising five departments offering both undergraduate and graduate programs, serving more than one thousand students of the college in addition to its largest role teaching basic sciences to students of other colleges in the university. The College supports five undergraduate programs (Mathematical and Computer Applications Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environment, and Pollution) and a graduate program in Biology Sciences.

During the last years the College of Science had taken confident steps towards development and upgrading all undergraduates program to keep up with modern scientific achievement. These steps will improve the educational outcome in terms of students’ knowledge and experience required to compete in the labor market that will enable them to serve society effectively; and to continue hard work to get the academic accreditation. Furthermore, the college’s strategic plan is directed toward establishing an attractive cross-disciplinary academic program meet the needs of the labor market.

Research is another bright side of our college; achieving first place at the university level in the excellence of the published papers during the last two years makes the college an active arm contributing to accomplish the vision of the university in global leadership. The college of science is committed to work continuously providing an adequate academic environment, conductive to our college achieving highest level of academic and research performance.