General Information

Conference participation fees

1- Academia registration with an academic research paper and accommodation occupancy in a hotel (4 stars) =150$
2- Members registration with an academic research paper through online (zoom conference)= 125$
3- Postgraduate student registration with an academic research paper= 75$
4- Attend the conference without submitting a research paper= 25$

The conference fee includes conference bags that have different materials, lunches, dinners, coffee-breaks, two night in five stars hotel, attending certificate prepared and signed by University sains Malaysia USM , Al-Muthanna University (MU), and reception first day.

Receiving Payments:

1- Al-Janoob Islamic Bank ( مصرف الجنوب الاسلامي )
Account Number : IQ46AJIL004003274521700
Payment should be sent in dollars

2- Inside Iraq: Through any branch of the Al-Taif Company
Receiver Name | (اياد رحيم جلغان)
Phone number | (07834434301)

3- Inside University: Through the Accounts Unit
at the College of Science / Al-Muthanna University
(من خلال وحدة الحسابات بكلية العلوم / جامعة المثنى)

Visa information

All international attendees must have a valid passport. We would like to advise all participants, who may be required to apply for a visa, that the application process requires time and may take up a few months. Please visit the website for full visa acquisition information
A visa is a permit to travel to and stay in a country for a limited period. To be granted a visa, you need a Letter of Invitation from the ICARPAS 2021 Conference organization.

If you need an Invitation Letter to apply for a visa to attend the Conference, please send the following information to ( Invitation Letter for visa application and the following information:

  • Your name as it appears in your passport
  • Your position
  • Your affiliation/organization
  • Your postal address (incl. your affiliation/organization)
  • Your registration email address
  • Registration ID (the invitation letter for visa application will only be issued to registered participant).

Kindly, for any inquiry, contact with Prof.Dr. Abdulameer K.Farhood

Mobile No. : +9647801354753,   009647723934881