Sub-topics for conference track:-

Physics Section:
◉ Nano technology
◉ Material physics
◉ Nuclear and radiation physics
◉ Health and medical physics
◉ Laser and optics
◉ Molecular Physics
◉ Plasma physics
◉ Renewable energy and solar cell
◉ Simulation and theoretical physics

Mathematics Section:
◉ Algebra
◉ Topology
◉ Mathematical analysis
◉ Complex analysis
◉ Approximation theory and Numerical analysis
◉ Financial mathematics
◉ Operation research and Statistics
◉ Computing mathematics and Cryptography
◉ Differential equations and Optimization theory
◉ Biomathematics

Computer science Section:
◉ Artificial intelligence and machine learning
◉ Internet of things
◉ Image processing
◉ Cloud computing
◉ Smart cities
◉ Cyber security and networks
◉ Wireless sensor networks

Biology Section:
◉ Medical bacteriology
◉ Medical virology
◉ Medical fungi
◉ Protein expression
◉ Bio-formation
◉ Genetic engineering
◉ Molecular biology
◉ Animal Physiology and histology
◉ Plant physiology and histology
◉ Plant taxonomy

Geology Section:
◉ Stratigraphy – Paleontology- Mineralogy-
◉ Geochemistry- Geophysics-
◉ Water resources-Engineering geology-
◉ Petroleum geology- Exploration mining.

Chemistry Section:
◉ Sustainable energy
◉ Safety and security in chemistry
◉ Organic chemistry
◉ Physical chemistry and Nano applications
◉ Analytical chemistry
◉ Biochemistry
◉ Polymer chemistry
◉ Medicinal plants

Astronomy Section:
◉ Cosmology theory and applications
◉ Satellite and its applications
◉ Planetary sciences and Astrological geology
◉ Modern astronomy and society

Ecology and Pollution Section:
◉ Aquatic Ecosystem
◉ Phytoplankton compassion
◉ Ecotoxology
◉ Water pollution
◉ Air pollution
◉ Soil pollution
◉ Radiation pollution

Conference Participation Fees

1- Academia registration with an academic research paper and accommodation occupancy in a hotel (4 stars) =150$
2- Members registration with an academic research paper through online (zoom conference)= 125$
3- Postgraduate student registration with an academic research paper= 75$
4- Attend the conference without submitting a research paper= 25$

  • The last date for receipt of research in  1/ 3/2020
  • The percentage of research elicitation should not exceed 15%.
  • The conference will be held in an integrated manner (virtual and in presence for those who wish  to attend)

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