University of Al-Muthanna

College of Sciences


Name  : Yaseen Merzah Hemzah
Mobil: 07804273302


Specialization: Mathematics

Scientific Degree: Lecturar

Membership (Society): Lecturar

Awards and Certificates of Appreciation …………

Scientific literature Your of the publication ………….. Scientific Liratura Title …………


Scientific Certification

Date college University Degree science
1988 science Al mustansiriyah B.Sc.
2002 Al Rasheed University of Technology M.Sc.
      Any other


University Teaching

From-to The(Instiute\college) University No.


Conferences which you participated

Type of participation place your Conferences Title No.

Research projects

Year Place of publication Research title No.
Vol.2, No.1, pp.55-

69, March 2014


International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Studies Solutions Of  Partial Differential Equations Using Accelerated Genetic Algorithm 1
Vol. 4, Issue 3, Jun 2014, 33-46

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ISSN(P): 2249-6955; ISSN(E): 2249-8060

International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Applications Research (IJMCAR Accelerated Genetic Algorithm Solution Of Linear Black – Scholes  Equation 2
IJSTR Volume 4 – Issue 1, January 2015 Edition – ISSN 2277-8616


International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research,


Accelerated Genetic Algorithm  Solutions Of Some Parametric Families Of Stochastic Differential Equations


Vol.5, No.4, 2015 Mathematical Theory and Modeling Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Black – Scholes Equation  by Accelerated Genetic Algorithm


ISSN 2052-5257

Engineering Science Letters ,2014,2014:6


Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science


Solutions Of Ordinary Differential Equations Using Accelerated Genetic Algorithm 5
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